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Our Mission:

Identify the best new technologies for the home and office and make them available to the Bermuda consumer quickly, reliably and at the best possible price.  We will constantly bring innovative new products and services to market that are guaranteed to change your life!

New Technologies "Come to the Surface"

The World Becomes Flat again...

Even though you won't find too many people in this day and age that will argue that the world is flat, most of us would agree that flat-panel televisions are the way of the future.  Plasma and LCD TVs are changing the whole way we think about the interior design of a room with a TV.  No longer it is necessary to devote a massive cabinet that dominates the room to house your TV.  Now the TV can hang on the wall like a picture, and take up no floor space.  In short, Flat is In!


Now that flat panel TV's can float on the wall, how do we connect them?  Because of Bermuda's solid-wall construction, concealing wires has been a difficult, messy and expensive proposition.  In the past, you choices were channel cutting, surface mount raceways or just leaving the wires exposed.

"Floating" Home Theater

In addition to a panel televisions being suspended on the wall, the surround-sound speakers in today's home theater systems are typically small and mounted on the wall surface as well, placing them where they create the best sound field.  This also makes them more inconspicuous and lets them float to the height where they are most effective in producing an accurate reproduction of the original movie soundtrack.  But this creates many additional wiring problems, since there are now at least 6 speakers that must be connected back to the main amplifier.  How can this be accomplished on Bermuda's solid walls?

FLATWIRE to the Rescue!

Digital Digs recognized this dilemma over a year ago when we first started searching for the best possible solution to bring state-of-the-art home theater design and installation to Bermuda.  Not being satisfied with the options at hand we knew there must be a better way.  This led us to the revolutionary DeCorp Flatwire wiring solution.

DeCorp's line of flat wiring products allow virtually every type of audio and video interconnection to be done on the surface of the wall.  With only a thin layer of skim-coat plaster or even a layer of thick, textured paint, the wire becomes completely concealed.  Messy, expensive and time-consuming  channel-cutting is no longer necessary to achieve a completely custom installation in only hours!

Because Flatwire is paper thin and can be simply glued to the walls and bent at right angles, around corners and through narrow passages, all of the wiring required in even the most sophisticated home theater systems can be accomplished with NO CHANNEL-CUTTING, NO conduit, NO masonry and NO MESS!  An installation project that would normally take weeks can be done in a matter of hours.

Take a look at the pictures below:

Flat Speaker Wire     Flat Video Cable      Flatwire on a Wall      Flatwire on a Curve


     Installing Flatwire        More Flatwire......          Flatwire After Painting

This revolutionary product will transform the way all wiring will be done in Bermuda.  Over the coming weeks and months, the complete line of low-voltage Flatwire will become available in Bermuda, through Digital Digs' exclusive arrangement with Southwire. 

How Do I "Get Flat?"

Phased Rollout of Flatwire

DeCorp's Flatwire Technology was acquired by wiring giant Southwire in the fall of 2005.  Southwire, the largest wire producer in North America, with $4 Billion in sales, has put its support behind Flatwire and Digital Digs.  Flatwire products are available only in limited quantities at this time, and as such are being rolled out to market slowly to insure customer education and satisfaction.  Digital Digs is the sole authorized distributor and installer of Flatwire products in Bermuda, and is committed to insure its success in this market.

Flatwire products will be introduced to the Bermuda Market in three phases:

  1. Digital Digs will install Flatwire as part of its Just-In-Time Home Theater packages (see description below).  In this way, consumers can purchase a complete line of home theater equipment including plasma and LCD TV's, Surround Sound systems and other AV equipment and have them professionally installed using Flatwire technology in their homes or offices by trained Digital Digs technicians. 
  2. Digital Digs will offer Flatwire audio, video, voice, data, low-voltage lighting and other soon to be announced Southwire products through selected, trained partners in the interior design, architectural and construction sectors.
  3. Digital Digs will offer training to electricians, A/V installers and consumers as product availability increases.  At that time, Flatwire products will become available for general purchase through wholesale and retail outlets supplied and trained by Digital Digs.

"Just-In-Time" Home Theater

Digital Digs is proud to announce its "Just-In-Time" home theater packages!  Through the combination of Southwire's Flatwire technology and Digital Digs just-in-time air transport of A/V equipment, you can order your dream home theater system on Monday, and have it installed in your home and working as early as Wednesday, with wiring fully concealed and with virtually no mess in between! 

We offer top brands such as Denon, LG, Monitor Audio, Samsung, Panasonic, Atlantic Technology, Sharp, Logitech, Zenith and many others at very competitive prices and with a delivery and installation turnaround time that cannot be beat.  The drawing below illustrates the typical layout of a home theater room.  All of the wiring seen can be completed using Flatwire, and will be completely concealed before the project is complete.

More Information, Please?

Flatwire is available NOW!!!  Product pricing, availability and details will be continuously released and provided on this website as they evolve.  Check back here regularly to stay informed.  We are taking orders for systems and installation now on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please call us or email us as indicated below for more information or to place an order.  

What's Next?

Flatwire is only the first of many new and innovative products that Digital Digs will be offering to our Bermuda customers.  We have a whole array of new products in the audio, video, computer, networking, and digital convergence areas that we are already working on.  Some of them you may have heard about, and some will be completely new to you.  Stay tuned!

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Digital Digs Bermuda was formed by a partnership of individuals with extensive technical, marketing, design and customer service experience.  Our goal is to bring the best high-tech products to Bermuda, combined with interior design expertise, and timely delivery of products, to create the ultimate combination of technology, aesthetics and customer satisfaction. 

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